Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery 4

Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery 4

Super Collapse! - funny and captivating game that keeps you hours in front of your PC

Special 'Clear the Board' bonus rounds let you really rack up the points! Collapse large groups for big bonus points. Beautiful full screen option. Start on one of three difficulty levels to set the game difficulty. Happy color bombs to eliminate all like colored blocks. Black bombs eliminate all of the blocks in the surrounding area.

Super Collapse! - funny and captivating game that keeps you hours in front of your PC.Super Collapse Puzzle Gallery 4, is a new version of this classic series of games and features lots of new and original images in about 300 new puzzles to solve. Developed by Gamehouse Inc., Super Collapse Puzzle Gallery 4 is appealing to both kids, and adult gamers, as there is a puzzle for everyone.
The goal in Super Collapse is simple; you have to remove all the blocks from the board, by arranging a group of three or more blocks. All you have to do is to put three blocks or more of the same color together, with a single click, so as to remove the greater amount of blocks possible. Your moves have to be precise, otherwise, you may lose the game. In the puzzle gallery you have to select the game that best suits your level. There are lots of images and most of them are really tricky. If you manage to solve the five puzzles of the level, a blocked puzzle will be unlocked. To play Super Collapse Puzzle Gallery 4, you will need a good strategy and quick reflexes. The game has a colorful interface, and its graphics as well as the animations have been superbly designed. To sum up, Super Collapse Puzzle Gallery is a must-have for all puzzle lovers.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Entertaining
  • Easy to play


  • Only 60' of gameplay in the trial version
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